How to get more Instagram followers for your business

Without a doubt, Instagram has taken the world of online marketing by storm. The primary goal now for any brand is to use the popular social media tool to connect with current and potential clients.

When it comes to social engagement, Instagram surpasses Facebook and Twitter. The tool has over 500 million users that are active each and every month, and with its engagement rates, it is no surprise that getting more followers is now a priority for every business. However, accomplishing this is not as simple as it sounds.

The following are a few tips you can use to gain new followers on your business Instagram account.

Use Hashtags

One of the simplest and sure ways to get followers on your Instagram account is to use hashtags. Utilizing hashtags helps target a particular group of audience. In actual sense, your chances of gaining new followers, increasing engagement and getting more likes are enhanced when you use hashtags.

However, you have to know the most shared and popular hashtags to use. Those with active communities are the most appropriate to use. They will help you interact with like-minded individuals while at the same time raise awareness for your product. Some of the most popular hashtags that can start you off include Follow Friday (#FF), #followback and #tagforlikes.

Post engaging videos

On Instagram, priority is given to posts that have a high engagement rate. Videos can be engaging, but they have to be interesting also to attract attention. The more comments and likes your post gathers, the more the people will see it. Engaging videos that get more likes indicates the quality and ability to engage the audience and are raised to the top of users’ newsfeeds. New views of the content will definitely translate to some new followers.

Comment strategically on others’ posts

Another sure way of gaining followers is by commenting on others’ post. However, your comments have to be strategic. What strategic means is that you keep a list of brands or Instagram users with the audiences that you want and when they post something, you make interesting and genuine comments. You can use Emojis to create a good impression.

What Interesting comments do is attract people to your profile who want to know more about you and the kind of posts you have and that way, you get new followers.

Holding a contest

Among the many ways that marketers create awareness is through contests. The idea of winning or gaining something from simple tasks is appealing to most people. Likewise, you can hold simple contests on Instagram where the only way to enter is by liking or sharing an image. Sure enough, people will like and share the image, and in the process, you will gain new followers on your account.

Promote your account through other social media sites

You can use your other social media accounts to promote your Instagram account. You can also use a multitude of sites to add followers to your profile. You will have to be creative to make people take their time to visit your Instagram account. One way you can do this is by providing a sneak preview or pics of what they should expect to find.